Copycat Chic: Black & White Flare Pants

I am obsessed with this look. Guilty of owning at least 3 similar pairs of pants. They are seriously the  perfect combination of  comfy and chic and the best part is no one knows how comfy they are. Sometimes I even feel like I’m wearing pajama pants in public… what could be better?

I have found similar pair of pants in several different stores. My favorite pairs are the ones made of velvet, because who doesn’t like velvet in time for the holidays. The only problem is coming from the south, velvet tends to be a tad bit warm. The good thing is there are tons of belles to choose from anywhere from damask print to fuchsia.


I picked these specific two pairs because I own the cheaper of the two and they are one of my favorite things in my closet. I first saw the pair worn by Kendal Jenner at Coachella last year shown in the above picture and had to have them. I love how easy they are to pair with accessories and textures, effortlessly cool! My favorite look is with a floppy fedora and fur vest! But seriously options are endless when it comes to this style.

ps: they hug da booty perfectly.



From my point of view it seems a little ridiculous to pay $188.00 on a pair of cotton pants but hey, what ever floats your boat. Some people will spend crazy sums of money for anything with a Free People tag… myself included. Yes like I said before these pants are $180.00. Don’t worry if you’re still completely obsessed with this look  take a look at the cheaper choice!




Can you see the difference? Because I sure can’t. Buy this pair for only $36.95. Hey, for that go ahead and buy another pair in a different color (like the color below) and you will still save over $100!

This pair is also from Pacsun!



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