Copycat Chic: Classic Frye Boots


These Boots are such a classic. I swear every wealthy, true, southern girl owns a pair. I mean c’mon even Miley Cyrus has them. The square toe makes them edgy but at the same time country (brilliant!) I love the simple hardware it makes them easy to dress up and down. I have seen girls wear them with anything from daisy dukes to lace dresses!


The boots I am talking about are The Harness 12r made by Frye Company.  Besides the strange name they are simple and reliable. You know you are getting a GREAT boot when it has a Frye label on it. Frye has been around  since 1863 and these boots happen to be their third highest selling item. If you want this pair of boots you are going to have to let go of a wopping $268.00! If the price didn’t phase you then you will definitely have a hard time picking between 9 gorgeous shades of leather. Even though these boots are a big chunk of change they of course are real leather and will last a lifetime. In other words the price is definitely worth it if you want them to be by your side for years and years to come.


If you’re not looking for a pair to last forever and more want them for a season or two this is the pair for you. Forever 21 has done it again! The Faux Suede Riding Boots seem to be an exact replica! This pair of boots come in two different colors. Although I would recommend the black since faux leather tends to look more real in black rather than brown. Either way you are saving almost $230 because these boots only cost $39.99!




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