Copycat Chic: Cushion Sectional

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This couch is genious. I love the fact that you can rearrange the pieces to what ever position you desire. This couch is the perfect compromise of relaxed but functional. Its so perfect for any dorm room, apartment, or kids lounge area. The good news is there is a copycat available!

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The more pricey version is the Cushy Lounge Super Sectional Set by PBteen .  PBteen has been making this couch for years. It is very well constructed and will last a long while. The price of $1,199 is fair for such an amazing piece but I knew there had to be an alternative.

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This replica is made my Walmart. I do worry that the construction of this sofa would be questionable but still for the price of only $299.00 it is such a bargain. Unfortunately  the Your Zone Comfy Loft Collection by Walmart is currently unavailable. Don’t worry, i still found an alternate featured below!



Made by Walmart yet again the Your Zone Flip chair is simply perfect and for only $79.00. It would be so easy and cost conscious to buy 3 and make them a sectional… the only down side is Walmart does not make a corner chair. If you are interested in just one section of the PBteen sectional it still will cost $269.00


If you want to read more about these versatile yet stylish sofas visit my entry titled All About Sectional Floor Couch to read about mores ideas and inspiration!




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