Copycat Chic: Lace Pants

Ok, Its true fashion trends do repeat themselves. But, hey I’m not complaining. For this one we are taking it back to the 70’s and this happens to be one of my favorite time periods when it comes to fashion. Just think of That 70’s Show when disco was in its upbringing, economic times were rough, there was no such thing as too big hair and funky was in. And there is nothing more funky than flare pants, especially lace ones!

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The first pair I’d love to show you is featured below and is quite pricey but oh so ravishing. These white lace bottoms could fit in to any occasion. Put a pair of wedges with an oversized shirt to dress it down or throw them over a bikini for a casual beach day. The label Spell did a simply amazing job on these pants, and if you love these pants and have never heard of Spell you HAVE to check them out. Buy these White Doce Vintage Lace Bottoms at for $235!


The next pair in the picture below are perfect in so many ways. The vintage lace pattern keeps this pair from being too funky and more elegant. Buy these Show Me Your Mumu Bam Bam Bells Pants at for 144 dollars. 

So here are the more pocket friendly pairs. The first is on the modern side but with a funky flare.  The chevron lace pattern adds a fun twist instead of the more romantic floral lace. Only $36 for these Festival Pants at

lacey-crochet-festival-flare-pants-blackUrban Outfitters can either be a broke girls hell or heaven they ultimately have great buys on the most trendy and designer looks. Quick, if you adore the pants as much as I do you can get them in both black and white at Urban Outfitters for $29.99 each on sale!




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