Copycat Chic: Star Burst Clutch

Colorblock 9

I first saw this jaw dropping piece at my local mall. I adore the detailed beading and bling and the satin nude backdrop adds that extra elegance. It has a side strap which is a must have for any evening. I did not end up buying it though.  I bought it in a different color! With new years coming up I bought the one that matched my outfit for that night. What better way to add some extra bling then with this adorable bag.


I got home later that afternoon and happened to be on the Nordstrom website and saw this beaut.  Guilty as charge for online browsing almost every night.  This one by Natasha Couture comes with a $158.00 price tag.


This is the clutch I had originally saw at the mall! Good thing is you don’t have to spend big bucks to have this in your hands. I definitely cant see the difference and for $100 less its a win-win.  Get this clutch at Aldos Shoes for $50.00. It also comes in gorgeous black! pictured below.


ps. The one below is the color I bought to match my new years outfit which I cant unveil to you just yet!




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