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I purchased the above pair from here

Alright, I admit it I’m addicted to Nike shoes. Its one thing I let myself splurge on. Cute workout wear can be a great incentive to go to the gym! My all time favorite site to buy them from is www.6pm.com … it is owned by Zappos so they have great service including fast shipping and free shipping both ways. Another place to look for great buys on Nikes is a Ross. Unlike Tjmaxx and Marshalls, Ross almost always has Nike shoes. It just depends whether they are cute or not. As for Ebay and Amazon, even though I have bought pairs from both sites I just advise you to buy at your own risk. That means researching the seller and looking at the description and pictures very precisely. But where ever you buy your nikes I promise you will feel amazing both working out and looking cute!

I am selling this pair of Nikes on my Poshmark closet (also take a look at my closet there might be other things you adore.)

Here are some of my favorite Nike Finds!

Neon yellow Nike Free 5.0+ for only $74.99

Tiffany Blue Nikes for only $84.48


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