One of my favorite makeup routines


Soon I am going to do a video on this look but I wanted to post it as soon as I could. This is one of my favorite looks, I honestly feel so confident and ready to take on the day when I do this routine. I used the Naked pallet for my eyes and no eye liner just smudged the eyeshadow underneath too. The key to this look is the highlight and contour. What can be difficult is keeping the contouring clean that’s why I recommend using powder so you can build to get the perfect hue. Also a very strong element for this look are the brows I kept them thick but not too dark. The makeup and hair go perfectly together because they are neither over done. Something to be careful about is the contrast of natural appearances in an everyday look you don’t want to over power your natural beauty. That’s why when I wear a lot of makeup like this look I tend to keep my hair lose and easy so it doesn’t look fake or abnormal. I plan on doing a tutorial for the hair too!




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