Secret Starbucks Menu

Can you imagine a creamy iced Nutella frappe, or a chilled, smooth peppermint and chocolate frappe, or even a colorful, sweet cotton-candy frappe? Well if your mouth started watering then you’ll be happy to hear these actually exist!


It all started off when I came across a tweet about a Nutella drink. When I clicked on the link a list of “secret Starbucks drinks” appeared! I was consumed in reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures. I wondered if this was just something a Starbucks-fanatic came up with on his or her free time or a list of what costumers wish existed. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

I decided to try this out. I went to my favorite Starbucks here in Gainesville and I asked the barista if she knew about this. She said “Yes!” she also said that most Starbucks workers know about this list and they can make the drinks! You just have to describe the drink to them and they will make it for you! She said the Cotten Candy Frappe was the most frequently ordered “secret drink”.

I definitely am going to order a “secret drink” on my next stop at Starbucks! Join me, Id love to here what you think!



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