Get the look: Bohemian Floor Cushions

Wouldn’t you just love to be as easy-going and free-spirited as the person who lives in these spaces. a694b4047a6b5bcc6a7ef014c52afa33 967073b8b0acd6a8ea8bdf35428cdf9f
uhh, I would! These rooms give off the ultimate bohemian and chill vibe. Truth is some of these floor cushions can cost up to $35,000! I know, right? You are thinking the same thing I am… There has to be another way. Well there is, here is your ultimate list of floor sectionals!


The one in the above photo is $35,000. Yes I said that right it is custom made by a designer who specializes in unique seating. This exact one is custom made by Roche Bobois, you can contact them to get an exact estimate!



If you’re like me and can’t throw down quite a bit of change this is your next option. This sofa sectional is a PBteen trade mark. They have been making it for many years now. It’s definitely not 35 grand but it is still around $1,000. The great thing about these cushions is you can also purchase a base which is shown in the second picture above. If you are willing to spend another $700.



These floor pillows are the next cheapest. I love the fun prints on these, they definitely add extra bohemian flare. What I do not like is that these pillows do not have a back. An easy fix is a few rather big pillows or a cluster of pillows (as shown in the picture) will work fine! Or even better try adding a headboard like a rustic door to add more of a couch look. Similar cushion are from Urban Outfitters for $59 each.

shoppingWalmart does it again. This is a great money-saving alternative to the Pbteen couch. The only down side is Walmart does not make the corner section anymore. I am crossing my fingers hoping it will come back  in stock. This chair is only $79.00 the perfect price to buy plenty. Even at this price they come in fun colors!

If you want to read more or see the copycat comparison this sectional visit my entry titled Copycat Chic: Cushion Sectional!




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