The Truth About Thigh Gaps

ok, lets face it, body image post are everywhere. Whether it be pinterest, tumblr or even instagram, you’ve most likely heard the term, the holy grail of all teenage insecurities…. The Thigh Gap. I’m going to be real here who doesn’t want it… I remember hearing girls talk about it in my high school bathroom, but sadly you don’t have to be surrounded by the insecurities of high school to crave that look.


One thing I feel I need to scream at the top of the empire state building is “society’s idea of beautiful is NOT beautiful!!” I can’t stress enough how media especially has changed society’s point of view when it comes to being skinny. Most images that woman worship are  just flat-out UNREALISTIC. We cannot blame the media as a whole. It is to get societies attention and isn’t that what they are doing?  In some instances sometimes I feel we should point our fingers at society as a whole, we are the ones believing it! Yet, it seems every year the media preaches a look that is more and more wrong and still society absorbs it every time.


It baffles me that something so beautiful can be shunned by so many people just because of what social media images and editorials put out for the world to see. Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorite icons of all time. Not because her obvious beauty but because her presence and self-confidence. Most people cannot believe she wore a size 12. In todays standards that’s considered plus size, no “thigh gap there”!


So let’s get down to it, what is the actual truth about the thigh gap and how do you even get one? Truth is you can’t… well most likely can’t. There are three main body types and unless you are 6% of the population who make up Ectomorphs your body simply cannot and will not have a “thigh gap”.  And of course there is always an upside and an own side to having a certain body type. Ectomophs are that rare few that can eat cupcake after cupcake and their friends just stare. But ectomorphs also face a lot of internal struggle. This percent of the population is the weakest, they cannot obtain a steady weight or even gain muscle like the other 94% of the world.


There is one more thing to take into consideration. That is the pelvic shape. Dean Somerset, an excercise physiologist and author studied the four main pelvic types. His conclusion is the shape of your hips determine the width and size of your sockets and the interactions between your leg and pelvis. Therefore a more narrow socket resorts to a weaker leg and body which has a direct effect on squats, deadlifts and even being able to touch your toes or move laterally.

So next time you see someone with a major thigh gap be sure to  let them know they are a rare species and that you can dead lift more than them. Joking, don’t do that! But remind yourself again that it is not realistic and that you are beautiful no matter what vogue decides to publish in their next issue.

(I know it got a little cheesy, but its true!)

Other things to keep in mind why you DON’T have a thigh gap

because let’s be honest eyebrow gaps are more important than thigh gaps

because “look at that thigh gap” said no man ever

because you’re one step closer to being a mermaid

because before we referred to it as a “thigh gap” we said bow-legged and no one wants that.

because only spongebob and flamingos win at that game

because you have a natural cup holder

because Marilyn Monroe didn’t have one

because when food drops on your lap, you can catch it



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