Yesterday was my birthday. Unfortunately it was a hard day due to the Lyme and I slept most of the day, but still it was bitter sweet. I read a quote today that felt very relatable to my life. “Youth has no age” I feel like this cannot be truer.
I have had such a troubled childhood that I never enjoyed my younger years like I should have. I distinctly remember a doctor listening to me and only having one thing to respond with “you’re too young to feel the way you feel.”
Though, with saying that I don’t think I would have enjoyed the younger years in the right way.
Society builds up the idea that you’re young, and that just because you’re young you should enjoy life in every way. Yet I look at so many “young” people and all I see is troubled minds and corrupt ideas of what childhood should be like.
So many young kids are naive, immature and self-centered, and hey I don’t blame them! If I could still be in my own little world I would. But there is something so bitter sweet with growing up. You have more of an idea of who you are and who you want to become. The way I see is it you have to be wise inn order to enjoy this world. Not in the sense of a high IQ but the kind of wise where you know how to brush things off and know how blessed you are to have forgiveness and freedom.
So happy birthday to me, not because I’m another year older but because I am another year wiser.

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